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Deep South Dining | Fresh Fish & Oysters

Fresh seafood can be taken for granted when living in a coastal city or major metropolitan city, but with advancements in refrigeration and freezing, fresh seafood is just a call or mouse click away. Today Malcolm and Carol talk about ways of getting fresh seafood on your plate no matter how land-locked you are. Also, they share tips for purchasing the best fish and seafood from your local grocery store. Additionally, they chat with Anita Arguelles from the French Hermit Oyster Company about their Mississippi-raised oysters and the flavor profile that landed them in Garden & Gun magazine. Let's eat y'all!

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A State-by-State Guide to the South’s 35 Best Oysters

5 Tips for Buying Fresh Fish at the Grocery Store

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Deep South Dining | Holiday Wrap-up

The holidays are always better with friends, so today Malcolm and Carol invited a few friends to chat with on their last live show of 2021. In-studio Chef Enrika Williams talks about taking a break during the holiday season when it is a really busy time for the hospitality industry. Also Robert St. John takes some time out of his busy schedule of managing restaurants, heading the charity Extra Table, and current book tour (Walter Anderson: The Extraordinary Life and Art of the Islander) to talk about what kept him going in 2021. Then to wrap up the show we hear about some great Christmas memories from some very familiar voices. Happy Holiday's y'all!Delta Cheese Roll (courtesy of Joe Sherman)Ingredients:1 jar Old English 10 oz. Cracker Barrel extra-sharp cheese (Must grate) 6 oz. cream cheese (approximately) 8 oz. Velveeta 1 clove garlic- mincedTo taste: Lea & Perrin's (I use a lot) Tabasco(add 5-6 splashes at a time) Cayenne(add about 1/4 t. at a time)Paprika (to roll)Directions:Let cheese soften. Combine in a mixing bowl. It is much smoother if you use the mixer on low. You will have to stop from time to time and scrape it off the blades back into the bowl. Add seasonings. Taste as you go. After seasoning and mixing, put it in the fridge to firm, so it will roll.Spread paprika out on waxed paper. Take a baseball size of cheese and roll it through the Paprika into a log until fully covered. Wrap in wax paper and place foil on the outside. Keeps about 3 weeks.