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Deep South Dining

Deep South Dining | Thanksgiving Jump-Start with Tim Pierce

Today Malcolm White and Carol Palmer sit down with Tim Pierce, from Memphis Kitchen, to jump start the conversation on Thanksgiving, from turkey, to sides, and of course his mothers famous cornbread dressing!

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  • Deep South Dining | Eudora's Mississippi Brasserie

    Topic: Today we share our first show of December with one of the newest restaurants in the Jackson area - Eudora's Mississippi Brasserie. And being the first restaurant in Mississippi to be a living wage certified owner, Tyler Alford joins us later in the show.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Tyler AlfordEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Francis Lam & Turkey Confidential

    Topic: Just a few days away from Thanksgiving festivities, we will share a few last-minute tips, dive into a Craig Claiborne Thanksgiving story, and share a conversation with Francis Lam - the host of Splendid Table and Turkey Confidential, which airs on MPB Thanksgiving morning at 9 am.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Craig Claiborne, and Francis LamEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Preparing Turkey (Or Other Birds) for Thanksgiving

    Topic: Now the countdown continues to the biggest and most involved meal of the year. Do you have your turkey, or will you even serve turkey this year? Today we will continue turkey talk, talking about the many ways to prepare this traditional bird, and what you can serve in its place if you want to switch things up.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Joe ShermanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Stress-Free Thanksgiving

    Topic: On the show today, we continue to talk about Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving Countdown with some holiday tips to keep the season as stress-free as possible. Also, we share a conversation with Dr. Susan Buttross about dealing with anxiety that often comes with this time of year.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Dr. Susan ButtrossEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Tim Pierce Talks Thanksgiving

    Topic: This morning is a special drive time episode of Deep South Dining. With October ending, it is time to talk about the upcoming holiday season. So we welcome back to the show the talented Tim Pierce to talk about his Thanksgiving table and his mother's classic cornbread dressing. Later in the show, we are joined by Representative Jill Ford to discuss Thanksgiving food preferences.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Representative Jill Ford, and Tim PierceEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Sothern Miss's Cookbook Project

    Topic: The cookbook, when done right, is more than just a collection of recipes. It can serve as a time capsule for a certain time period or as a keeper of a region's history. The Mississippi Community Cookbook Project at the University of Southern Mississippi helps preserve the stories found between the recipes, and today we will have Jennifer Brannock and Andrew Haley join us to talk about the Cookbook Project.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Jennifer Brannock and Andrew HaleyEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Mississippi Hills Farm-to-Fork Foodie Trail

    Mississippi is full of rich history, and if look close enough, you'll find a trail for that. From the Blues Trail, to the Writer's Trail, to the Tamale Trail, we have all sorts of culinary story-telling going on with our trails. Today on the show, we talk to Rachel Carter about the new Farm-to-Fork Foodie Trail, highlighted in the Mississippi Hills Heritage area, representing a distinctive cultural landscape, this area has a flavor all to it's own. We'll also talk about flour and how long flour keeps, how to take care of your flower and we'll research and talk to experts about the best time to eat dinner.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Kevin Farrell. Guest(s): Rachel Carter with the Mississippi Hills Farm-to-Fork Foodie Trail. Email:
  • Deep South Dining | Tailgating Tips with Eddie Wright

    Topic: Well football and barbecue go hand in hand with fall, and also the State Fair and fried Oreos as well. Today we will talk about all of that with tailgating tips to keep your gameday grub exciting and not dry, stale, or dull. We welcome back Eddie Wright to talk about tailgating and barbecuing and grilling.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Eddie Wright from Eddie Wright's BarbecueEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | The Flavors of Fall

    Topic: Can you believe that it's already October? The Fall season is slowly getting into place. The State Fair is all set up and ready to rock at the fairgrounds. The flavors of fall are upon us including pumpkin spice. We've got football, tailgates, and bon fires, things are going good - it's almost Autumn.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Joe ShermanEmail: