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Deep South Dining

Deep South Dining | Sambous African Kitchen

Malcolm White and Carol Palmer guide you through Mississippi's vast and wonderful foodways landscape with special guest, Joseph Sambous, owner of Sambous African Kitchen in Jackson, MS. Quickly becoming a destination for Gambian delights, Sambous African Kitchen serves authentic African cuisine and is a hub for African and American communities in the region.

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  • Deep South Dining | Thank You, Please Come Again

    Topic: Gas stations in the south are places where you can fuel your car, catch up with the neighborhood news, and get some of the best grub around... Mississippi native Kate Medley's new book, "Thank You, Please Come Again" takes a look at how these service stations help fuel the south in more ways than one. Today, we'll hear from Kate about her travels throughout the south picking up stories and photos from this service station, that conveince store and this quick-stop!Guest(s): Kate MedleyHost(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | The Big Apple Inn and Their Pig Ear Sandwich

    Topic: When it comes to restaurants that have a history, community, and service behind them, and of course good food, we think about The Big Apple Inn in Jackson on Farish Street. It's Black History Month here in February, and today we are excited to have an old friend - owner and storyteller Geno Lee will join us to talk about the history of Farish Street, The Big Apple Inn, and of course to highlight Black History Month.Guest(s): Geno LeeHost(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Sicily with Elaine Trigiani

    Topic: Today we have our very special friend from Italy - Elaine Trigiani will join us after 20 years in Italy. She has designed experiences in the olive oil business, and she's going to tell us all about that. Guest(s): Elaine TrigianiHost(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Mardi Gras and King Cake

    Topic: The South has a flavor profile that really sets it apart from other parts of the country. Chef Ernest Foundas is combining those flavors with ingredients from the South Pacific to create dishes for his New Orleans restaurant Suis Generis. Also with fresh ingredients he grows on his farm and food lab in Pearlington, Mississippi.Guest(s): Chefs Ernest Foundas and Jeff GoodHost(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Start the Year Off Right

    Topic: With each change of the calendar, there is a chance to start fresh and new chapters of your life in and out of your kitchen. To start the year off right, we will talk about creating good kitchen habits, must-have kitchen utensils, and what food-trends you will want to try in 2024.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Mississippi Mornings by Robert St. John

    Topic: Today we welcome one of our great friends Robert St. John to the show. He is synonymous with great eating and great writing about food and keeping Mississippians fed with his charity Extra Table and many restaurants across the state. He is well known for serving Mississippi's culinary needs.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Robert St. JohnEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Hannukah Dining & Holiday Advice

    Topic: It's December and we are celebrating the holidays. With the Festival of Lights underway, we will hear about sweet potato latkes, and to help celebrate Hanukkah, we will also talk with our good friend Joe Sherman about what the foodie in your world is looking for during this holiday season. Is it the fluicer? Is it cast iron? Or is it something a little more high-tech?Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Joe ShermanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Eudora's Mississippi Brasserie

    Topic: Today we share our first show of December with one of the newest restaurants in the Jackson area - Eudora's Mississippi Brasserie. And being the first restaurant in Mississippi to be a living wage certified owner, Tyler Alford joins us later in the show.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Tyler AlfordEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Francis Lam & Turkey Confidential

    Topic: Just a few days away from Thanksgiving festivities, we will share a few last-minute tips, dive into a Craig Claiborne Thanksgiving story, and share a conversation with Francis Lam - the host of Splendid Table and Turkey Confidential, which airs on MPB Thanksgiving morning at 9 am.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Craig Claiborne, and Francis LamEmail: