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Deep South Dining

Deep South Dining - Classic | May is National Barbeque Month

It's Memorial Day, so Malcolm and Carol are spending time with family. Here is an encore episode to hold back the hunger until they return next week.

Original Air Date: 05-01-2023

May is National barbeque month and today we'll explore the diverse range of barbeque styles found in the state and discover great spots to indulge. Additionally, we'll share tips on how to be resourceful in the kitchen, saving both money and time while preparing meals, and we'll delve into the fresh and vibrant flavors of spring.

Host(s): Carol Palmer and Java Chatman

Guest: Chef Enrika Williams


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    Topic: Malcolm and Carol talk about their weekend, the never-ending "mayonnaise war," and catch up with family friend, Erika Lipe, from SoLa in Oxford, MS. Guest: Erika LipeHost(s): Malcolm White and Carol PalmerDeep South Songs: "Gumbo on the Bayou" and "Mean Green Beans" by KC RayEmail:
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    Topic: Friends of the show Mona Nicolas, Executive Director of the USA International Ballet Competition joins as to discuss the upcoming annual Kentucky Derby Party coming up on May 4 at the Kennington Mansion in Belhaven, Jackson, MS as she discusses what goes into planning a big party like that to have the ultimate as authentic as possible Kentucky experience. Also joining us on the show is April McGreger, founder of The Farmer's Daughter comes on to follow up on a Cooking and Coping thread to discuss the difference between lima beans and butterbeans.Guest: Mona Nicolas & April McGregerHost(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanEmail: