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Deep South Dining

Deep South Dining | Barbeque with Ed Mitchell's Son Ryan Mitchell

Topic: The topic of barbecue is vast and wide and can cover a lot of ground, but the story of barbecue is not complete without including the story of North Carolina pit master Ed Mitchell, so today we welcome his son Ryan Mitchell - co-author of the new cookbook Ed Mitchell's Barbecue.

Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java Chatman

Guest(s): Enrika Williams, and Ryan Mitchell


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  • Deep South Dining | South of Somewhere with Author Dale Gray

    Topic: Today, our special guest is cookbook author Dale Gray who takes readers and home cooks to a very unique culinary tour to the south in her new cookbook South of Somewhere. From South Africa to South Korea and now the American South, Dale shares her love for food and culture by chronicling her path across the globe.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Enrika Williams, and Dale GrayEmail:
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    Topic: Today we share what's going on in our world and hopefully hear from you. Then Robert St. John joins in the second part of the show to talk about his charity Extra Table.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Robert St. JohnEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Le Bakery (Biloxi) & Stafford Shurden

    Topic: Today on the show, we welcome back our good friend Stafford Shurden from up in the Mississippi Delta, not only a farmer, a restaurateur, and judge, but he travels up and down the road searching for the best gas station grub. Also, from Biloxi, Sue Nguyen from the legendary Le Bakery - the po boy place with the Asian flare on a traditional po boy.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Sue Nguyen, and Stafford ShurdenEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Elaine Trigiani's Italian Experience

    Topic: Today we're taking a trip to Italy with Mississippi's very own Elaine Trigiani (Travel in Italy | Elaine Trigiani experience Italy). After 20 years in Italy, Elaine has designed an experience that brings Italian food, art, and culture to people all over the world. We also welcome back Joe Sherman to talk about what he has gleaned from his years of friendship with Elaine - cooking and travelling. We're talking pasta, wine, and olive oil, and how Elaine keeps her Mississippi roots in her Italian kitchen.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Elaine Trigiani, and Joe ShermanEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Cook Books at the Mississippi Book Festival & The Apron Museum

    Topic: This weekend, the Mississippi Book Festival kicks off. It is known as the Literary Lawn Party of Mississippi and is always a great showcase of southern culture. We'll build upon that and Mississippi's great literary traditions by talking about cook books and books about foodways with general manager Lynn Roberts of Square Books in Oxford. Also we will travel to Iuka and visit the Apron Museum with founder Carolynn Terry.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Lynn Roberts, and Carolynn TerryEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Pies with Stacey Mei Yan Fong & TinyChefSimms

    Topic: Food tells a story and depending on who you ask you might get a different answer about the same dish. The cookbook 50 Pies, 50 States gives us some of those stories and how pie can share in all of its forms. Author Stacey Mei Yan Fong joins us to talk about her journey across America through pie. Then we chat with the youngest guest to date on Deep South Dining. Simms Powell joins to talk about his early passion for food and cooking at such a young age.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Stacey Mei Yan Fong, then Simms PowellEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Two Dog Farms & Tomato Sandwiches

    Topic: Located in the hidden culinary hotbed of Flora, Mississippi, Two Dog Farms sends produce to restaurants all across Mississippi and even New Orleans. Joining us today is Dorothy Killen - one half of the husband-and-wife team that runs Two Dog Farms.Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Dorothy Killen and Hazel KillenEmail:
  • Deep South Dining | Hulu Found Mississippi Soul Food

    Topic: The history of the city of Natchez holds some of the deepest and richest history of our state. It is, in fact, the original creative economy. Today we will dive into that rich culinary history with Chef Jarita Frazier-King, who was recently featured on the Hulu docu-series "Searching for Soul Food."Host(s): Malcolm White, Carol Palmer, and Java ChatmanGuest(s): Chef Enrika Williams, and Chef Jarita Frazier-King from the Natchez Heritage School of CookingEmail: